My tips and tricks for staying sane, from what to pack to how to keep busy

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For the last 13 days, I have been locked up alone in hotel quarantine in Sydney. Thankfully, I have been lucky to stay in a spacious room in the Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel with a harbour view and lots of light.

Given I am working remotely full time and am pretty used to my own company in general, it’s been a generally positive experience. I’m quarantining on my own without kids or a partner, (which could be a blessing or a curse depending on one’s comfort with being alone!) But I have wonderful family and friends from around the world…

Planning your trip, preparing to fly and tips for international travel

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Soon after the coronavirus was proclaimed a global pandemic by the WHO in March 2020, Australia moved quickly to fortify its borders. Now, over a year on, this has culminated in a variety of border restrictions and biosecurity measures for people wanting to visit (or leave) the country.

In short, only Australian citizens and permanent residents and their immediate families, or others with a special exemption, can enter from overseas and there are capped numbers of people allowed into the country each week. Anyone entering Australia must quarantine in a hotel or other designated facility for 14 days to control…

At least one e-resident-founded startup guaranteed in the top 40 and the chance to pitch at sTARTUp Day. Applications open until 1 August.

sTARTUp Day is fast approaching!

The iconic Estonian business festival, which brings together startups, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and students in the gorgeous university town of Tartu, will take place online and in-person over 3 days from 25 to 27 August 2021. The aim of the event is to connect like-minded people and celebrate startups and entrepreneurship.

Tickets for the event are on sale at the sTARTUp Day website.

Why attend?

First and foremost, to get inspired by a packed stage program of expert speakers, motivational coaches, and startup gurus. Second, to be wowed in the Demo area by innovative new products, like-minded…

German-based e-resident Santiago Cartamil-Bueno found the perfect home for his deep-tech digital startup SCALE Nanotech OÜ in Estonia

After months of frustration of trying to set up a company in Germany, Santiago Cartamil-Bueno was on his honeymoon in Montenegro in August 2018 when he finally pulled up the Estonian e-Residency application on his smartphone and filled it out.

“That’s how you know it didn’t take very long, or my wife wouldn’t have let me,” he says, laughing. “It was so fast you can almost forget you did it.”

But Dr. Cartamil-Bueno, PhD is hoping his Estonian company, called SCALE Nanotech OÜ, will leave a more lasting impression.

E-residents no longer need to visit Estonia to use the services of a local notary thanks to remote authentication of notarial acts

This blog post was written in collaboration with the Estonian Chamber of Notaries. Visit their website to find out more about the e-notary services.

A lucky coincidence in otherwise unfortunate circumstances: last year, weeks before the global pandemic broke out, the Estonian Chamber of Notaries launched its new platform of online services which included a pilot project for remotely authenticating notarial acts, otherwise known as ‘e-notary’ services. The novel service had been in the pipeline for over 5 years but came to life at the most crucial time. …

E-resident startup founders: discover the benefits of the AWS Activate programme and learn how to get free AWS credits!

E-Residency Marketplace welcomes AWS Activate provider Cloudvisor! Photo: Getter Kuusmaa

Recently, e-Residency happily welcomed AWS Activate provider Cloudvisor as a new member of our Marketplace.

This is great news for e-resident startup founders, who want to apply for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) startup program AWS Activate.

From Airbnb to Zocdoc, the world’s top startups build on AWS. Even familiar startups with Estonian roots like Pipedrive, Bolt, and Realeyes have discovered the benefits of building on AWS, from the agility of operating in the cloud to the security AWS infrastructure affords.

AWS Activate is designed for early stage startups across all industries. The programme provides startups with a host of…

A guide for designated authors to the e-Residency blog

  1. Write story in your author account (don’t worry too much about formatting or editing as the e-Residency Head of Content can do this). Make sure to add any images you want to include (or send them to me by email).
  2. Do not publish before submitting to publication.
  3. Add the article to the e-Residency blog. You will find this option under the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, i.e.

3. Choose the e-Residency blog publication and then click ‘select and continue’, i.e.

Estonia digitally signs cooperation agreement with the ESA, made possible because its Director-General is an e-resident

Video session of Minister Sutt with the new Director-General of ESA, e-resident Josef Aschbacher. Photo: Econmin Estonia

Last week was a momentous day for Estonia’s space ambitions as well as for e-Residency. On 12 May, Director-General of the European Space Agency (ESA) Josef Aschbacher met virtually with Estonia’s Minister for Entrepreneurship and Technology Andres Sutt and agreed to increase Estonia’s participation in the European space sector. They also executed a cooperation agreement between Estonia and the ESA, which they signed digitally thanks to Aschbacher’s status as an Estonian e-resident.

E-Residency is a digital identity issued by the Government of Estonia to people outside the country’s borders. …

Tips and tricks from experienced founders and service providers to help you launch the next big thing in SaaS

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A successful SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business can be extremely profitable as it generally has high margins, recurring revenue, and can be run with a lean and remote team. Plus, a longstanding love affair between VC investors and SaaS continues to attract investment and acquisitions.

E-Residency can be a great match for SaaS companies, particularly those of the micro kind, due to location-independence, low bureaucracy and remote management solutions.

So why not consider a SaaS venture yourself?

What is SaaS?

SaaS is a business model that involves creating and running software to help people solve a particular problem or provide a useful add-on to an…

Now you can pick up your e-Residency kit in São Paulo, Bangkok, Johannesburg or Singapore

E-Residency is expanding. And we want to help you expand your business too.

If you apply to become an e-resident now, you can choose one of our new pickup points in São Paulo, Bangkok, Johannesburg, or Singapore on your online application form!

We’ve partnered with BLS International to issue E-Residency cards in these new cities. BLS is a trusted global tech-enabled services firm, providing visa, passport, consular, citizen, e-governance, attestation, biometric, e-visa and retail services to over 46 governments worldwide.

Thanks to BLS, e-Residency is entering new regions and making Estonian e-services accessible to more entrepreneurs around the world.

Why are we expanding?


Hannah Brown

Head of Content @E-Residency in Estonia.

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